Vacuum furnace products

Vacuum furnace manufacturer SIWUMU vacuum furnace manufacturers specialize in the design and production of vacuum equipment such as vacuum furnaces, vacuum sintering furnaces, vacuum heat treatment furnaces, vacuum melting furnaces, vacuum brazing furnaces.

Vacuum Sintering Furnace

Vacuum sintering furnace is a protective sintering furnace for heated articles in vacuum environment. There are many heating modes, such as resistance heating, induction heating, microwave heating and so on.

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Vacuum Brazing Furnace

Vacuum brazing furnace is a large-scale heat treatment equipment, which can carry out vacuum brazing, vacuum annealing, vacuum aging and other processing. It can be programmed into hundreds of heat treatment curve points, divided into upper, lower, left and right, front and back six zones, multi-point and single-point temperature recorder and over-temperature protection device. The uniformity of furnace temperature can be controlled within a constant temperature range, and equipped with high purity nitrogen, high flow and strong cooling device. The equipment has the advantages of large furnace load, high efficiency, and no additional process is needed for complex parts and parts with special requirements.

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Vacuum furnace manufacturer

SIWUMU Vacuum Furnace is a high-tech company integrating, production and service. Its products are mainly used in high-temperature treatment of new materials, smelting, diathermy, quenching, high-temperature sintering, heat treatment processing, semiconductor purification and other industries.

Our main products are: vertical high temperature graphitizing furnace, horizontal high temperature graphitizing furnace, laboratory special vacuum furnace, vacuum carburizing furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, silicon carbide sintering furnace, vacuum heat treatment furnace, vacuum annealing furnace, vacuum melting furnace, vacuum brazing furnace, complete set of induction heating equipment, etc.

SIWUMU always takes honesty as the foundation, quality as the first, service as the top idea to serve our customers, and the founder will make unremitting efforts to repay your trust....<<more>>