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Both the HT (high temperature) and standard model (12 to 47°C range) have been equipped with a new two-speed stirred thermostatted bath for better temperature stability, and an indicating thermal sensor for improved operator feedback....<<more>>

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A few-layer-thick epitaxial graphene synthesised on both the up-side and the down-side surfaces of SiC wafers in an ultra-high vacuum annealing furnace is presented....<<more>>

Functionally graded materials for orthopedic applications

Then, a CAD model was created to compare the new cellular design with existing products. Appropriate manufacturing techniques, based on additive manufacturing via three-dimensional printing, are now under investigation to produce such graded cellular structures ( Williams et al., 2011 )....<<more>>

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Using newmore ? materials and d esign concepts this project demonstrated the use of new shaft materials which could provide increased shaft speed range above existing maximum engine speeds without encountering a critic al speed event and high vector deflections....<<more>>

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Search the history of over 341 billion web pages on the Internet....<<more>>

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Electric furnaces have shorter campaign lives and may require rebuild or repair in two to six years.11.00 6.00 1. any new melting technology must reduce both energy needed for melting and amortized furnace costs. have a much shorter life. two to four times better than air-fuel furnaces....<<more>>

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QUANTUM DOTS – A VARIETY OF NEW APPLICATIONS Edited by Ameenah Al-Ahmadi Quantum Dots – A Variety of New Applications Edited by Ameenah Al-Ahmadi...<<more>>

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--New calcium phosphate glass-ceramics prepared by crystallization and sintering of glass powders / T. Kasuga and Y. Abe --A new approach in the thermodynamics and kinetics of vitrification / I. Gutzow, F. Bablievski --Advanced foreheart design by means of mathemathical modeling / O.M.G.C. Op den Camp, V.O. Aume --Emission control on glass ...<<more>>

Characterization of Thick Lead Zirconate Titanate Films

Titanium was chosen as the substrate material because of its high-temperature durability and light weight so that its temperature quickly becomes equal to that of the furnace atmosphere....<<more>>

Bismuth-based High-temperature Superconductors (Applied Physics Series … 6) by Hiroshi Maeda .rar Bit-String Physics A Finite and Discrete Approach to Natural Philosophy… by H. Pierre Noyes, J.pdf...