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Molybdenum crucible is a kind of indispensability material in rare earth smelting industry. More and more molybdenum crucibles are used in crystalloid materials, and other burgeoning high technology industry....<<more>>

CN104651614A - Application of rare earth material in copper

The invention discloses application of a rare earth material in copper melting, which comprises a blast furnace, a converting furnace and an anode furnace....<<more>>

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Vacuum levitation melting furnace is suitable for smelting active metals such as titanium zirconium, rare earth materials, titanium aluminum alloy smelting and precision casting. Mainly used in the production of high-purity metal materials, semiconductor single crystal materials, high melting point alloys and 3D printing industries....<<more>>

Lab used vertical quartz tube furnace for materials heating

?[PDF]?Resistant heated rotary furnaces for heat treatment of rare earth Nowadays a number of applications can be realized by the use of high performance materials for the rotary tube. The various operational an electric heated rotary furnace for laboratories with a ceramic tube as used at the heat treatment of high purity quartz sand....<<more>>

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It has characteristics of fast sintering, high density, and is the good tool for sintering nanometer-phase materials, rare earth permanent magnetic materials, glass, non-equilibrium alloy materials and biological materials....<<more>>

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Vacuum smelting furnace is based on the heating principle that alternating electromagnetic field produces eddy current heat in metal materials. Under the condition of vacuum or protective atmosphere, the melting and casting of steel, special steel, superalloy, precision alloy, non-ferrous metal, rare earth permanent magnet material and other materials are completed....<<more>>

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The vacuum suspension melting furnace is suitable for the smelting of active metals such as titanium zirconium and rare earth materials, and the smelting and precision casting of titanium alloys. It is mainly used in the production of high purity metal materials, semiconductor monocrystalline materials, high melting point alloys and 3D printing....<<more>>

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The crucible electrothermal glass melting furnace can melt the raw material for the extrusion and blow molding of glasswork such as optical glass, lighting glass, and art glass....<<more>>

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Vacuum furnace With patents and special technical know-how on Electrolytic and Vacuum smelting furnaces, we produce 99% to 99.999% purity of individual Rare Earth metals and Rare Earth alloys, including Neodymium, Praseodymium, Dysprosium, Terbium and Samarium for Rare Earth magnets, high purity Europium, Yttrium and Gadolinium for superalloys....<<more>>

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The vacuum induction melting furnace is mainly used for colleges ,universities, scientific research units and production enterprises melt metal materials (such as stainless steel, nickel base alloy, copper alloy, steel, nickel cobalt alloy, rare earth neodymium iron smelting processing, etc.), in vacuum or protective atmosphere , and the steel...