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High Temperature Hydrogen Atmosphere Box Furnace for

Customized 1700°C High Temperature Hydrogen Atmosphere Box KSL1700X-H5 is larger box furnace designed for material synthesis under hydrogen or inert gas atmosphere up to 1700 oC. The furnace consists of high quality alumina fiber bricks and Mo alloy heating elements with a heating chamber of 30"x 30"x35", as well as a vacuum-sealed steel case ...<<more>>


and non-high-pressure sintering. During the sintering pro Although both vacuum and hydrogen furnace sintering can be used as a sintering process, vacuum sintering is the preferred method. Here, "hydrogen furnace' means a fur by forming atungsten-nickel alloy binder while the sintering process. Here, added metal powder includes tungsten ...<<more>>

Induction Melting Furnace -

Vertical Bottom Loading Vacuum Annealing Furnace; High Vacuum Tempering Furnace; Vacuum Aging Furnace Debinding Sintering Furnace; Vacuum Debinding and Sinter Furnace; Vacuum Debinding Furnace; Catalytic Debinding Furnace Vacuum rapid quenching furnace is applied for rare earth permanent magnet materials NdFeB, hydrogen storage alloy ...<<more>>

Vacuum Induction Melting Furnaces FMI Series | ULVAC

Since the first unit was produced in 1957, ULVAC has delivered over 200 vacuum induction melting furnaces to customers in Japan and around the world. These furnaces are contributing to a wide range of industry applications such as specialized steel, electronics materials and new materials. They have been used in developing new technologies such as high-vacuum degassing and refining using ...<<more>>

vacuum supply box type atmosphere sintering furnace for

1200 high vacuum sintering furnace-Kejia Furnace. Previous: high vacuum sintering furnace used in hydrogen storage alloy; Next: ce approval lab apparatus 1700c vacuum chamber muffle furnace; Random Solutions. intergrated vacuum degreasing sintering furnace for mim and pm parts;...<<more>>

1300C Vacuum Annealing Furnace For After Hardening

Vacuum Annealing Furnace is applied for annealing and aging treatment of a variety of alloy materials, devices (tungsten, molybdenum, niobium, copper alloy, etc.), magnetic materials, electrical steel, magnetic alloy, stainless steel, heat-resistant alloys, copper and its alloys, hydrogen storage alloy, active and hard molten metal....<<more>>

Vacuum Brazing Furnace by Shintek Industrial Engineering

Vacuum Casting Furnace Introduction: As the most experienced Vacuum Casting Furnace manufacturer in China, ShinTek Vacuum Casting Furnace can be used for a wide of industries, can melting and pouring Ni-based alloy, special steel, precision alloy, NdFeB, Dysprosium metal, activated metal, super alloy, hydrogen storage material, magnetic material and so on…...<<more>>

Vacuum Debinding Furnaces -

Vacuum Debinding Furnaces; Italy. Designs and manufactures standard and customized horizontal, vertical, and special purpose vacuum furnaces. Applications include hardening, tempering, annealing, stress relieving, brazing, and powder sintering....<<more>>

Processes - ALD Vacuum Technologies

WI furnaces are applied for special high-temperature processes in industry and research, such as vacuum annealing, degassing and refining, metal and ceramics sintering, vacuum and active metal brazing and vacuum material testing, with extraordinary requirements on the vacuum level....<<more>>

Sintering - Wikipedia

Sintering of catalysts. Sintering is an important cause for loss of catalyst activity, especially on supported metal catalysts. It decreases the surface area of the catalyst and changes the surface structure. For a porous catalytic surface, the pores may collapse due to sintering, resulting in loss of surface area....<<more>>

Eco-Friendly Products | ULVAC (ULVAC, Inc.)

Improvement of hydrogen storage alloy is indispensable technique for improving performance of the nickel hydrogen batteries. Melting Furnace for Hydrogen Storage Alloy Induction heating type of vacuum melting furnace is for melting and casting metals in order to obtain alloy with desired composition....<<more>>

High-porosity NiTi superelastic alloys fabricated by low

Porous NiTi shape memory alloys (SMAs) were successfully fabricated by low-pressure sintering (LPS), and the pore features have been controlled by adjusting the processing parameters. The porous NiTi SMAs with high porosity (45%) and large pore size (200–350 μm) can be prepared by LPS using TiH ...<<more>>

CM Furnaces Inc - Laboratory, Box, Tube, Muffle, High-Temp

CM Furnaces is known for state of the art design and manufacturing of all types of air, hydrogen and inert atmosphere electric furnaces. Though many of our furnaces are of standard design and construction, CM has specialized in furnaces for a variety of applications and in updates of standard equipment to meet specific needs....<<more>>

Production Vacuum Furnaces: Series 3570 | Centorr Vacuum

The core design is based on Centorr/Vacuum Industries Workhorse? Metal Hot Zone furnaces, which have been sold worldwide for the sintering of powdered metals (with over 300 units in the field), and the binder removal technology of Sintervac? units developed for the Tungsten Carbide industry (with over 600 in use worldwide)....<<more>>

Degassing Furnaces - ThomasNet

Used in ceramic metallizing, hydrogen, inert gas, vacuum, partial pressure and ABA brazing, clean firing, annealing, MIM sintering, ceramic to metal and glass to metal seals applications. Refurbished products are available....<<more>>

Powder Technology Services - RHP-Technology GmbH

High Vacuum Sintering Furnace This furnace offers a molybdenum heater for carbon free sintering atmosphere and can be operated under hydrogen, nitrogen, forming gas or argon as well as high vacuum (10-5 mbar)...<<more>>

6.10: Sintering Furnaces | Engineering360

Vacuum furnaces are heat-treating furnaces that use a low atmospheric pressure instead of a protective gas atmosphere. They are (Fig. 6.15): Burn-off and entrance zone High temperature sintering zone Cooling zone. Introduction and Cross-References This chapter brings together three topics that support the processing of metals and alloys ...<<more>>

VHS high temperature vacuum sintering furnace series

Vacuum Sintering Furnace; Vertical Vacuum Furnace; Vacuum Brazing Furnace; Vacuum heat treatment furnace; Vacuum melting equipment; Hydrogen Furnace; servise. Vacuum Furnaces Maintenance and Repairs; Vacuum Furnaces Upgrades and Retrofits; VHS high temperature vacuum sintering furnace series....<<more>>

vacuum brazing furnace for copper and stainless steel

Vacuum Soldering Furnace For Aluminum/ Copper/stainless Steel , Find Complete Details about Vacuum Soldering Furnace For Aluminum/ Copper/stainless Steel,Vacu Stainless Steel Brazing Services in Southern California (CA) ...<<more>>

1700cf vacuum crucible furnace for metal melting and annealing

1700.C electric graphite crucible furnace is widely used for melting metal ,sintering of high pure compound ,spreading of semiconfuctor wafer and roasting Learn More ASM Handbook Volume 09 Metallography and Microstructures 10th...<<more>>

C.I. Hayes | Complete Line, Heat Treat Equipment and

The C.I. Hayes CVCQ-LAM Vacuum Sintering Furnace uniquely combines atmosphere delubrication and vacuum sintering. An in-line atmosphere delube/preheat section and integral vacuum sintering chamber allow for processing of powder metal (P/M) compacts at conventional or high temperatures....