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Home > Laboratory Furnace > Atmosphere Furnace Atmosphere Furnaces by Bionics Scientific are designed and manufactured to accommodate wide processing areas where inert atmosphere is required to protect heating samples that are prone to oxidation....<<more>>

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Among the catalogue, over 10 kinds of muffle furnaces such as the chamber type furnace, tube furnace, atmosphere furnace, rotating and lifting furnace, which using digital temperature controllers are deeply welcomed by domestic and overseas clients....<<more>>

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Alibaba offers 51,953 high temperature furnace products. About 37% of these are laboratory heating equipments, 15% are industrial furnace, and 1% are...<<more>>

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Figure D.6: Combustion laboratory exhaust system (a) connected to combustion c hamber inside the building (b) exhaust out to atmosphere outside the building. Citations (0)...<<more>>

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Atmosphere Furnace. Tube Furnace. Box Furnace. 1400C atmosphere furnace for sintering and melting of Ceramics and metals. US $2000 - 10000 / Set. 1400C Tube Type Laboratory Muffle furnace for sintering and melting. US $3000 - 10500 / Set. 1 Set (Min. Order) 1200C cheapest muffle furnace with factory price. US $170 - 660 / Set....<<more>>

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Linn High Therm - Industrial furnaces - Industrie?fen. It is specialized in the production of industrial and lab furnaces/ kilns, microwave furnaces, sample preparation units for spectroscopy, induction heating systems, precision fine casting systems and customer-specific systems....<<more>>

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The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Scientific and Technical Information...<<more>>


ARMY RESEARCH LABORATORY Laser Ignition of Propellants and Explosives by Leonid Strakovskiy, Arthur Cohen, Robert Fifer, arc image furnace [2,4-6], powerful gas-discharge tubes [3], and solar the cold, ambient atmosphere. Thus, the light emission near the surface may be considered as the ...<<more>>

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When the furnace temperature reaches below 400oC, DISABLE the furnace and vaporizer, turn OFF the chiller, place the vacuum switch into the HOLD position for a few seconds, then rotate the vacuum switch clockwise to VENT ....<<more>>

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TG and DTA HMX 270 305 98 279 Estane 298 400 97 – In order to determine whether the atmosphere HXE 9505 260 290 95 273 plays any role in the thermolysis of these samples, HXE 9010 255 280 92 268 non-isothermal TG and DTA experiments have been a Starting decomposition temperature. carried out under air atmosphere....<<more>>

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Different Types of Industrial Furnaces and Their Applications. The Importance of Atmosphere in High Temp Furnaces by Dave Cockett. 17 Jul. by Dave Cockett. 29 Jun. High Temperature Furnaces for Clean Energy Applications by Dave Cockett. 20 Jun. Transparent Tube Laboratory Furnace for Research Applications by Dave Cockett. 15 Jun....<<more>>

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HMX is a powerful military explosive, but its use has been limited by its high cost. Experiments were carried out in nitrogen atmosphere (nitrogen flow rate is 40 The first type of cleavage is favored by high acidity and/or high activity of nitrating agent at higher temperature....<<more>>

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Vacuum Melting Furnace. Application: The furnace is used widely by universities and colleges, scientific research institutes and enterprises to melt the metal materials (such as stainless steel, ultratek, copper, alloy steel, nickel cobalt alloy and rare earth under the condition of the vacuum or the protective atmosphere, is also applied to refine alloy steel and to do its precision casting....<<more>>

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Desk-Top Micro-Computer Control Capacitive Discharge Spot Welder (Electric Pedal Type) Heavy Duty Disc Cutter with Cutting Die for Coin Cell Prepare Hydraulic Sealing Machine for 50100 Cylindrical Cases...<<more>>

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A recent addition is the introduction of a furnace heated by Zircothal elements which provide a furnace temperature of up to 2050°C in an oxidising atmosphere. cooling An air gap between the insulation and the outer case promotes convected air flow for a cool outer case....<<more>>

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Manufacturer of process analyzers including gas analyzer, ultraviolet analyzers, oxygen analyzers, furnace atmosphere control analyzers, moisture analyzers, combustion analyzers, oxygen & carbon monoxide analyzers, chemical composition analyzers, chlorine dioxide analyzers, combustion efficiency & compliance analyzers & hydrogen sulfide analyzers....<<more>>

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Adding gas supply system 4 to the tube furnace allows operation under a hydrogen atmosphere. During hydrogen operation, a safety pressure of approx. 30 mbar is ensured in the working tube. Surplus hydrogen is burnt off in an exhaust gas torch....<<more>>

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QC C3 x QC Type The code identifying the type of sample (e.g., laboratory-generated, environmental, etc.). Methane and Carbon Monoxide in Atmosphere GC D3828 ASTM Method Flash Point by Setaflash Closed Tester D3859 ASTM Method for Selenium in Water D4129 Total Organic Carbon (TOC) D412982 ASTM Method for Total and Organic Carbon in Water ...<<more>>

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1)Blast furnace: Type of metallurgical furnace in which the object to be heated is in directly in contact with the fuel and its combustion gases. 2) Reverberatory furnace: In this the material to be heated is insulated from the fuel but not with its combustion gases....<<more>>

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A laboratory-built prototype of a high pressure/temperature focused microwave heated digestion system for trace and ultra-trace analysis of difficult-to-digest samples.5 0. Germany). separated from the analyte solution by a double bridge fitted with a Vycor disk with saturated KCl and 0....<<more>>

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A COMPARISON OF REACTANT WEIGHT PROPORTIONS FOR RDX AND HMX PRODUCTION Reactant Hexamine Acetic Acid NH4N03 - HN03 Acetic Anhydride RDX Production (%) 9.2 15.0 30.8 45.0 HMX Production 17.0 18.0 11.0 54.0 W 3....