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Dental Cad System Zirconia Sintering Oven Furnace

Novux? CAD/CAM Equipment - Zahn Dental Labs - Henry Schein. A zirconia sintering furnace built to last. The NXS-PLUS is designed with bottom entry for even heat distribution and consistent sintering for all your zirconia needs....<<more>>

DuoTron PRO Sintering Oven - ORIGIN CAD/CAM

The use of the alumina sintering tray cover is a primary factor for preventing occasional zirconia discoloring that may otherwise occur due to the heating elements. Maximum 3 Trays Each round 95 mm diameter tray can hold an average of 25 single units....<<more>>

Sintering Furnaces | CAD/CAM | Dental Lab | Schütz Dental

Sinter your restorations made from zirconium dioxide with one of these great furnaces. The furnaces are manufactured in Germany with high-quality parts and materials. They will help you sinter your dental restorations safely and to a precise fit....<<more>>

Axsys Dental Solutions. Sintering and Porcelain Furnaces from

Dental sintering furnaces are used to process dental zirconia after it has been milled into a crown, bridge, framework or other restoration. These furnaces are capable of reaching the extremely high temperatures required to sinter zirconia to its final hardness....<<more>>

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Sintering is the process of heating partially sintered zirconia, a material that can only be fabricated by using CAD/CAM technology, to its final hardened state and strength. Over the past decade, the laboratory industry’s dependency on zirconia has increased dramatically due to the demand from dentists and patients....<<more>>

The sintering furnace. The ignored component in the CAD/CAM

The quality of the high-temperature oven used for densification of zirconium oxide is gaining importance due to material innovations. Innovative, highly translucent types of zirconium oxide open up new possibilities – however, require suitable sintering conditions....<<more>>

Zirconia Sintering Furnaces | Nabertherm Industrial Furnace

The large heating chamber and fast heating-up times make this model a good selection for the CAD/CAM processing of zirconia. The furnace controller can be freely programmed for the individual sintering of the zirconia material....<<more>>

Sintering Furnaces - zirkonzahn

The optimal temperature distribution in the sintering furnace, the shrinkage factor of our Sintermetall of just 7% as well as its torsional stability allow the sintering of all milled dental restorations from single crowns, metal structures, telescopes, bars and attachments up to full arch bridges with a total lack of stresses in the metal....