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High Temperature Furnace - Mahlerofen

MAHLER High Temperature Furnace for annealing and brazing of parts in protective atmosphere up to 1300°C. The Roller hearth furnace can be operated with pure hydrogen and achieves high throughput capacities despite of compact dimensions....<<more>>

high temperature heat treatment vacuum brazing furnace

We have vacuum furnace,used in heat treatment,sintering,brazing,annealing,melting,gas quenching,hardening,tempering,debinding,induction and so on....<<more>>

high temperature continuous furnace brazing and vacuum

EXPERT BRAZING AND HEAT TREATING, INC. Over 40 years brazing experience: We are a Brazing and Heat Treating company located in Massillon Ohio. Specializing in high temperature continuous furnace brazing and vacuum brazing....<<more>>

High vacuum brazing for high temperature brazing

CERABRAZE VAC 780 L10 is suitable for high temperature brazing of diamonds, ceramic-metal composites, ceramic, saphire, graphite, aluminum, zircon and beryllium to normal substrates like sintered hard carbide, stainless steel and other materials without the use of molybdenum manganese or other metallization methods. Sintered hard carbide is the substrate of choice for diamonds due to it ?s ...<<more>>

Brazing : vacuum brazing furnaces | ECM Technologies

Brazing takes place at high temperature, in a controlled atmosphere or in vacuum furnaces. It is a profitable process that easily fits in metallic parts’ production. Brazing takes place at high temperature, in a controlled atmosphere or in vacuum furnaces. It is a profitable process that easily fits in metallic parts’ production....<<more>>

Continuous-Belt Furnace for Brazing, MIM and High

Continuous-Belt Furnace for Brazing, MIM and High-Temperature Sintering h u a W p Fig.1. Conventional vacuum-furnace hot zone Fig. 4. Centorr Vacuum around applications in hydrogen brazing, high-temperature sintering, micro-MIM parts and sintered silicon nitride compo-nents. Three application case histories are presented here....<<more>>

The Influence of a Belt Furnace on the Brazing Process

A high quality furnace is essential for in order to produce top-quality results from brazing. The type of products being brazed, characteristics of the materials, production volumes, and schedule can all influence the furnace that is best suited for the task....<<more>>

CM Furnaces Inc - Laboratory, Box, Tube, Muffle, High-Temp

In particular our focus on high temperature continuous processing in controlled atmospheres accommodates a wide range of materials and processes. ABOUT US CM Furnaces is known for state of the art design and manufacturing of all types of air, hydrogen and inert atmosphere electric furnaces....<<more>>

High Temperature Vacuum Elelctric Furnace

Composite material for heat shields. Charging equipment, charging plates and structural parts. Products for high-temperature furnaces (vacuum and inert gas furnaces). solution nitriding, aluminum deposition & brazing Vacuum Furnace for High Temperature Laboratory Research. High temperature vacuum/inert gas atmosphere furnace designed ...<<more>>

The Brazing Guide - GH INDUCTION | Industrial induction

The Brazing Guide GH Induction Atmospheres. info@gh-ia. of its high temperature requirements, welding works best with relatively strong, thick parts . Mechanical. IR thermometers or visual temperature sensors. Induction furnaces are also available for high-volume brazing....<<more>>

High Temperature Vacuum Furnace Brazing

Vacuum furnace brazing is a metal joining process that takes place in a chamber known as a vacuum furnace at well below atmospheric pressure. When compared with other processes, this joining technique offers significant advantages: durable, flux-free braze joints of high structural integrity....<<more>>

High Temperature Brazing Alloys | Lucas-Milhaupt

High temperature brazing alloy applications are ideally suited for the brazing of carbides, cast irons, steel, and other ferrous alloys in the construction industry and electrical industry....<<more>>

High Temperature Vacuum Brazing Furnace - Type B5_T

B5_T, vacuum furnace for high-temperature treatments. The BMI vacuum furnaces of the B5_T family are designed for the main high-temperature heat treatments that do not require high cooling rates (high pressure of up to a maximum of 2 bars abs can be applied to the equipment). These furnaces will be particularly well suited to the applications of vacuum annealing and ageing as well as brazing ...<<more>>

Box Furnaces by CM Furnaces

High Temperature Box Furnaces. CM Rapid Temp Box Furnaces are built to endure the use and abuse of many different applications. Our furnaces have seen use in small scale laboratory environments all the way to industrial production facilities....<<more>>

Vacuum Furnaces | Centorr Vacuum Industries

Centorr Vacuum Industries specializes in challenging custom-designed vacuum furnace solutions for difficult thermal processes. High Temperature Continuous Furnaces For Metals and Ceramics processes from 1300°C to 2500°C. Workhorse ? Metal Hot Zone Furnaces For a variety of Brazing, Annealing, and Heat Treating applications. Learn More....<<more>>

List of brazing alloys - Wikipedia

Atmosphere furnace brazing. For high-temperature applications (up to 370 °C), e.g. on jet engines. Zinc free; used instead of BAg-13 where zinc fumes in the furnace are not allowed. Similar to BAg-13. Tends to liquate. Can be used for wide gap joints. Can be used with flux, but mostly used for fluxless furnace brazing of stainless steel in dry ...<<more>>

Vacuum Brazing Furnace

Low Temperature Vacuum Brazing Furnace For Tools Indust . Detail. SHIMADEN PLC Heat Exchanger Vacuum Brazing Furnace . Vacuum Brazing Furnace With Metal Screen Big Wind Motor . Detail. High Vacuum Brazing Furnace For Aluminum Plate-fin Heat . Detail....<<more>>

Our Process - high temperature continuous furnace brazing

Specializing in high temperature continuous furnace brazing and vacuum brazing. We are committed to promoting brazing through education and experience. Focused on assisting our customers to meet their commitments....<<more>>

Aluminum Brazing Furnaces - ThomasNet

Custom manufacturer of furnaces for aluminum brazing applications. Furnaces are available in 17.5 ft. L x 12 ft. W x 12.5 ft. H overall dimension with 1,200,000 btu/hour heat capacity, 1,024 cu. ft. volume, 21,700 cfm recirculation blower pressure, 500 degrees F rating temperature, 95 degrees F to ...<<more>>

Metallurgical Brazing and Joining Services | ThermoFusion Inc.

Hydrogen Brazing is a metal joining technique where the materials (typically ceramic, steel, stainless steel or oxygen-free copper) are joined together in a high temperature hydrogen environment....<<more>>

Horizontal Internal Quench Vacuum Furnaces - Solar

The HFL-IQ model is a horizontal front loading, internal quench, vacuum heat treating and brazing furnace generally designed for high production commercial and captive heat treating shops. It is a high temperature, high vacuum, batch-type furnace with electric resistance heating elements....