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Indium recovery from waste liquid crystal displays by

Indium recovery from waste liquid crystal displays by polyvinyl chloride waste Jie Guan,a Shuai Wang,a Haohua Ren,b Yaoguang Guo,*a Hao Yuan,a Xingru Yan,c Jiang Guo,c Weixing Gu,d Ruijing Su,a Bo ...<<more>>

Flat panel display manufacturing. - Crystec

The liquid crystal displays are placed in a vacuum chamber mounted above the liquid crystal fluid. The chamber is then pumped down and the empty panel is evacuated. The fill ports are lowered into the trough and the chamber is brought back to atmospheric pressure....<<more>>

Special molding machine for LCP - Technical info

Liquid Crystal polymer is developed in the early 80 s a new type of high performance engineering plastics, Name: Liquid Crystal Polyester, LCP for short.LCP has been widely used in chemical industry, electronic newsletter, military machinery, aerospace, automotive and other fields, LCP excellent comprehensive performance is more and more ...<<more>>

Uniform vapor pressure based CVD growth of MoS2 using MoO3

MoO 3powder is used, due to the different particle sizes in the powder, substrates with high crystal quality and uniformity proved by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), Raman spectroscopy, photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopy,atomic force microscopy tube furnace (Barnstead International F79300 Tube Furnace)upstream. For different ...<<more>>

Preparation of Low-Oxygen Mo Ingot by Optimizing Hydrogen

reduced molybdenum powder were removed from the quartz tube and pressed into a o25mm steel compaction mold under The small laboratory-scale vacuum furnace used for the Preparation of Low ...<<more>>

US5614029A - Furnace for treating organic matter heat

A method and apparatus to minimize contamination in a furnace comprising placing a case to accommodate material to be heat treated in the furnace, forming a gas flow into the case from inside of the furnace, heating the work maintained in the case to evaporate organic matters contained in the work, evacuating the vapor containing the organic matter to the outside of the furnace through an ...<<more>>

high quality molybdenum mo sheet used in vacuum equipment

Molybdenum Wire, Mo wire, 100%high strength&vacuum furnace melting environment such as sapphireSapphire single crystals are used for high power GET READ Weldability of Molybdenum and Its Alloy Sheet (Report I)(...<<more>>

Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Vacuum Impregnation System: It is an indigenous system we designed for our research related to impregnation of polymers in porous material. It has capacity to remove air and other impurities entrapped in the micro pores through high vacuum (1 mbar)....<<more>>

Growth of Millimeter-Size Single Crystal Graphene on Cu

A split tube furnace with a 40 cm heating zone and a 7 cm outer diameter quartz tube was used in a low-pressure CVD mode to grow graphene films on the 25 μm thick Cu foil (99.8%, Alfa Aesar, annealed, uncoated, item no. 46365)....<<more>>

Sublimation (phase transition) - Wikipedia

Sublimation is the transition of a substance directly from the solid to the gas phase, without passing through the intermediate liquid phase. Sublimation is an endothermic process that occurs at temperatures and pressures below a substance's triple point in its phase diagram, which corresponds to the lowest pressure at which the substance can exist as a liquid....<<more>>

WO2013019401A1 - Liquid-cooled heat exchanger - Google Patents

A crystal growth furnace comprising a crucible containing at least feedstock material and a liquid-cooled heat exchanger that is vertically movable beneath the crucible to extract heat from it to promote the growth of a crystalline ingot is disclosed. The liquid-cooled heat exchanger comprises a heat extraction bulb made of high thermal conductivity material that is vertically movable into ...<<more>>

X Ray Tube Manufacturer Supplier | Engineering360

DuraBeryllium Plus is a low-Z material that when applied to beryllium creates a hermetic, corrosion resistant window that is used for ultra-high vacuum applications. Moxtek thin film windows are leak tight guaranteed and have high x-ray transmission....<<more>>

HP Crystal Ovens | Products & Suppliers | Engineering360

Liquid crystal display (LCD) modules are used at the component level in place of less efficient displays such as cathode ray tubes (CRTs). These modules do not include housing and must be incorporated into a larger instrument or system....<<more>>

P007en Seamless Pipes and Tubes for the Chemical Industry

Seamless Pipes and Tubes for the Chemical Industry (Stainless Steel and Ni-based Alloys) and liquid-crystal manufacturing equipment appli- High pressure drawing bench Cold pilger mill Heat Treatment Furnaces Continuous type/Batch type/Barrel type, Atomsphere controlled type/Vacuum annealing type ...<<more>>

Freeze Drying / Lyophilization Information: Basic Principles

Freeze drying is the removal of ice or other frozen solvents from a material through the process of sublimation and the removal of bound water molecules through the process of desorption. Lyophilization and freeze drying are terms that are used interchangeably depending on the industry and location where the drying is taking place....<<more>>

Glass Processing - Lehigh University

1 IMI-NFG’s Glass Processing course, Spring 2015. Glass Processing Lectures available at: furnace tubes, substrates, microlithography optics) – Optical elements (lenses, windows, mirrors) including high energy laser optics crystal is the raw material) - Fused silica (at one time only used when sand was the raw...<<more>>

Cold cathode - Wikipedia

A cold cathode is a cathode that is not electrically heated by a filament. A cathode may be considered "cold" if it emits more electrons than can be supplied by thermionic emission alone. It is used in gas-discharge lamps, such as neon lamps, discharge tubes, and some types of vacuum tube.The other type of cathode is a hot cathode, which is heated by electric current passing through a filament....<<more>>

Tungsten Applications - Electrical Applications - azom

Tungsten is the only material used commercially for electron emitters due to its high emission rate and low vapour pressure. Applications that utilise these properties such as cathode ray tubes, magnetrons, semiconductor rectifying devices, x-ray tubes, photocopiers etc. are outlined....<<more>>

Novel Carbon Nanoforms from Discotic Liquid Crystals

LARGE-SCALE SYNTHESIS OF HIGH-QUALITY DOUBLE-WALLED CARBON NANOTUBES FROM COAL-BASED CARBON RODS IN VACUUM BY ARC DISCHARGE Jieshan Qiua*,Yongfeng Lia, Yunpeng Wanga, Fayu Wub, Huiming Chengb, Guobin Zhengc and Yasuo Uchiyamac a Carbon Research Laboratory, School of Chemical Engineering, Center for Nano Materials and Science, Dalian University of...<<more>>

Ion-Beam-Irradiated CYTOP-Transferred Graphene for Liquid

Ion-Beam-Irradiated CYTOP-Transferred Graphene for Liquid Crystal Cells placed in a quartz tube furnace and preheated at 950 °C for 30 min. H2 gas was blown through the furnace at 40 cm experiments were performed in an ultra-high-vacuum chamber (base pressure of ~10?10 Torr) ...<<more>>

Vacuum pyrolysis characteristics and parameter

1. Introduction. Tantalum capacitor is widely used in mother board of laptop, mobile, digital camera, small household appliances and other electronic equipment due to its superior performance of small size, large capacity and high thermal stability....