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Custom manufacturer of furnace controls, furnace heating elements, furnace parts, heat treating equipment & heat recovery systems. Heating elements & accessories include bearings & adapters, alloy & steel rolls, radiant tubes, doors & gaskets, flame curtains, bell bases & retorts, heat exchangers, combustion chambers, catalysts for gas ...<<more>>

Heat Treatment Furnace Heating Element

A heating element converts electricity into heat through the process of resistive or Joule heating. Electric current passing through the element encounters resistance, resulting in heating of the element....<<more>>

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Heat Treating Industry, Processes and Equipment ? Heat treating furnaces can beBatch type or continuous Radiant tubes or Electric heating elements ? More than 60% of the total energy used for heat treating is used for heating the loadMore than 60% of the total energy used for heat treating is used for heating the load Types of Heat ...<<more>>

US4559631A - Heat treating furnace with graphite heating

A heat treating furnace having a work chamber of circular cross-section and having banks of electric resistance heating elements formed by rigid and elongated graphite bars. The graphite bars of each bank are interconnected so as to form an octagon located closely adjacent the circular wall of the work chamber and closely approximating the circular shape of the chamber....<<more>>

Heat treating furnace with heating element hangers and

A heat treating furnace is described comprising wall means defining a work chamber, electric resistance heating elements disposed inside of the chamber for heating workpieces therein, and means for attaching the heating elements to the wall means....<<more>>

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Paragon furnaces include a door safety switch that turns off the heating elements when you open the door, yet the temperature controller remains powered. The furnace manual includes instructions for heat treating D-2, 440C, ATS 34, 154 CM, O-1, and A-2 high carbon steels....<<more>>

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The two elements are joined with a 6mm stainless nut and bolt and the two ends are taken through the back wall of the furnace firebricks with two more 6mm x 100mm stainless steel bolts....<<more>>

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Our fully stocked parts department carries parts for competitor furnaces as well as our own equipment, including muffles, conveyor belts, heating elements and ammonia dissociator retorts. We offer rapid turnaround times for manufacturing of proprietary parts....<<more>>

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Stress relief heat treating involves heating metal parts to a temperature below the "lower critical temperature" and holding for a set period of time. Following the hold period, parts are cooled at a slow rate to avoid re-formation of stress....<<more>>

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Our popular mid-sized heat treating furnace contains a 1 cubic foot (28l) usable zone capable of temperatures up to 2200°C and can be equipped with numerous options....<<more>>

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Horizontal front loading, vacuum heat treating and brazing furnaces generally designed for high production commercial and captive heat treating shops. High temperature, high vacuum, batch type furnace with electric resistance heating elements....<<more>>

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Custom Manufactured Heat Treating Equipment Capabilities Heat Treating Equipment Age & Annealing Furnaces Box Furnaces Mesh Belt Conveyor Furnaces Tilt Up Furnace Elevator Furnace Heating Elements Manufacture of Custom Heating Elements Baskets Crucible Furnaces Age Ovens Heat Treating Function Stress Relieving Annealing Tempering Solution ...<<more>>

High Temperature Ovens for Heat Treatment Applications

Heat treatment is the process of intentionally changing a material’s physical, and sometimes chemical, properties through the application of heat. Heat treatment furnaces come in a variety of shapes, sizes and provisions to match the specific application....<<more>>

Performer Series? High Vacuum Furnaces, Heat Treating Furnace

The Performer vacuum heat treating furnaces include a vast all stainless steel chamber, allowing you to braze, temper, harden, stress relieve, austeitize, anneal, sinter, bond and perform many other custom heat treating processes on the largest of loads....<<more>>

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"Heat Treating Furnaces" also known as hardening furnaces Heat treat (Hardening) furnaces have higher heat output power than draw furnaces due to the elevated temperatures at which they operate. Heat transfer to the tool steel is accomplished by a very efficient process called direct radiation....<<more>>

Vacuum Heat Treating of 3D-Printed Components | 2018-09-12

Titanium powder spewed and fused to molybdenum heating elements. Fig. 4. Internal views of a contaminated pump vs. a clean pump. you currently outsource most or all of your small part heat treating or whether you currently do your small part heat treating in-house on a belt furnace, this webinar will be of interest to you. ...<<more>>

Model VT — Heat Treating Furnaces, Systems and Accessories

MODEL VT FURNACE. Model VT Top Loading Tempering Furnaces offer maximum thermal efficiency and temperature uniformity, thanks to the recirculating air system.Efficient heat transfer is maintained with bottom-mounted convection fan systems that circulate air through the helically wound, nickel-chromium heating elements to the removable work basket....<<more>>

Hot Zone Design for Vacuum Furnaces - Vacaero

With advances in both materials and manufacturing techniques for graphite-based electrical products, however, the popularity of graphite heating elements now exceeds that of molybdenum elements in general heat-treating and brazing furnaces....<<more>>

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The HFL-IQ model is a horizontal front loading, internal quench, vacuum heat treating and brazing furnace generally designed for high production commercial and captive heat treating shops. It is a high temperature, high vacuum, batch-type furnace with electric resistance heating elements....<<more>>

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Supplying a range of heat treatment furnace elements and ceramic supports Support your business with high-quality furnace components. Our company manufactures and provides a wide range of heating elements and ceramic products for a range of units....<<more>>

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Heat-a-lot Infrared Furnace Heating Elements (HL1500) Brand New. $19.95. or Best Offer +$8.00 shipping. New Steffes 2850W Heating Element for 4100/5100 Electric Furnace. Brand New. Kiln Furnace heating element Resistance wire 220V 3000W See more like this. OEM Coleman Evcon Furnace Electric Heating Element 4.8 KW 3500-405 3500-405P. Brand New....