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Carbon Fiber Slot Furnace Systems - Harper International

Harper is the industry standard choice in continuous slot furnace technologies for the Carbon Fiber industry. Our involvement in Carbon Fiber began at the market’s inception in the 1970s, and since then we have been helping fiber manufacturers achieve new and ever greater heights with our continual evolution of design innovations....<<more>>

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A wide variety of carbon fiber furnace options are available to you, such as induction furnace, resistance furnace, and arc furnace. You can also choose from melting furnace, heat treatment furnace, and muffle furnace....<<more>>

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Carbon fiber, alternatively graphite fiber, carbon graphite or CF, is a material consisting of fibers about 5–10 micrometer in diameter and composed mostly of carbon atoms. The carbon atoms are bonded together in crystals that are more or less aligned parallel to the long axis of the fiber....<<more>>

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Harper is a world leader in Slot Furnaces, offering advanced design features in terms of element and muffle design, materials platform, and atmospheric considerations.Our experience in carbon fiber spans a variety of precursors including PAN, pitch, nonwoven mat, or discontinuous, loose fiber form, as well as sizes from research system to full scale production lines....<<more>>

Carbon Fiber Heat Treatment Furnace - antsPROSYS

carbon fiber heat treatment furnace We manufacture scientific lines for Heat Treatment of carbon fibres. The line consists of a furnace arrangement having an oxidation oven with working temperature up to 300°C, a low temperature (LT) tube furnace with working temperature up to 1100° C and a high temperature (HT) tube furnace with working ...<<more>>


? Carbon fiber-reinforced carbon (C/C) Resistance curves of heating element materials 0 5 furnace with SIGRAFINE heating tubes and a SIGRAFINE HLM muffle c ...<<more>>

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Whereas the use of metals and alloys in heating elements is generally limited up to 1600°C (2900°F), fine grain graphites and carbon fiber-reinforced carbons are reliable at temperatures of up to 2800°C (5100°F), thanks to their great thermal stability in vacuum and inert gas atmosphere....<<more>>

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Since an electric heating element transfers heat by convection and radiation to the interior of the furnace and to the load, the element surface temperature is always higher than the furnace/process temperature during the heat-up and soaks portions of the firing curve....<<more>>

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A vacuum furnace adapted to cool a load. The vacuum furnace has one or more means for cooling a fluid and a muffle substantially comprised of carbon fiber composite and substantially containing the load....<<more>>

Universal lab high temp box Muffle Furnace Furnace

The furnace consists of high purity alumina polycrystalline fiber brick and high quality heating element. This furnace equips with air cooling system, which makes temperature cool and rise quickly. It is an ideal tool for materials annealing and sintering , composition analysis, quality testing, ashing in colleage lab, research institutes, etc.....