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Heat Treatment Furnace - Salt Bath Furnace Manufacturer

Manufacturer of Heat Treatment Furnace - Salt Bath Furnace, Gas Operated Heat Treatment Furnace For Steel, OIl Fired Forging Furnace and Annealing Furnace for Heat ...<<more>>

Salt-Bath Furnaces for Heat Treatment of Steel or Light

Nabertherm: Furnaces and Systems for Ceramics, Metal, Dental, Laboratory, Heat Treatment, plastics and Foundry. Kilns, Laboratory Furnaces, Melting Furnaces ...<<more>>

Electric salt bath tempering furnace

Ajax Electric Co. Why Salt Baths? Of all the heat treating methods available salt baths can be the fastest, most efficient, versatile and economical to use....<<more>>

Salt bath heat treatment [SubsTech]

Fast heating. A work part immersed into a molten salt is heated by heat transferred by conduction (combined with convection) through the liquid media (salt bath)....<<more>>

Salt Bath Quenching | Metal Finishing & Heat Treating

Salt Bath Quenching. When parts are quenched from an atmosphere furnace into a salt bath, parts require straightening or re-forming after heat treatment, ...<<more>>

Tempering and Quenching Salts - Heat Treatment Salts

heat treatment salts, Above salt can be used in all types of salt bath furnaces. Scalgun-ht is used for removal of heat treatment scales, heat treatment ...<<more>>

Heat treating

Heat treating (or heat treatment) is a group of industrial and metalworking processes used to alter the physical, and sometimes chemical, Salt bath furnaces...<<more>>


Nitriding is a heat treating process that gas nitriding, salt bath Argon and H 2 can be used before the nitriding process during the heating of the ...<<more>>

Salt bath furnace - heat-treatingfurnace

Immersed electrode salt bath furnace is national standard energy-saving batch type heat treatment furnace, used for heating metal parts in melting salt or salt ...<<more>>

A Guide To The Safe Use of Molten Salt Baths - Park Thermal

A GUIDE TO THE SAFE USE OF MOLTEN SALT BATHS Park 1.5 Hazards involved in Salt Bath Heat Treatment 2 Factors such as even and rapid heating of the work...