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Electron Beam Sintering of Zirconia Ceramics

The work demonstrated the sintering of zirconium dioxide ceramics by means of an electron beam produced by a plasma-cathode e-beam source operating at fore-vacuum pressure....<<more>>

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Ceramics – Advanced Vacuum Systems

Ceramics High temperature is the key requirement for the production of many ceramic materials and AVS is an industry leader in high temperature furnace manufacturing. For both carbides and nitrides, AVS furnaces have been key pieces of equipment for processing these high temperature specialty materials....<<more>>

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Flash sintering of ceramic materials - IOPscience

mouldoftherequiredshapeandcompactedusinguniaxialorcold-isostaticpressing.Thepressedceramic, knownasagreencompactbeforeheat-treatment ...<<more>>

The Oxidation Resistance of ZrB2-SiC Composites Fabricated

Abstract: Porous C/C composite with certain porosity prepared by Chemical vapor infiltration (CVI) was chosen as the preforms to develop the C/C-SiC composites through precursor infiltration and pyrolysis(PIP), using PCS (polycarbosilane) as the precursor and divinylbenzene as solvent and cross-linking reagent for PCS....<<more>>

Toward vacuum sintering of YAG transparent ceramic using

Toward vacuum sintering of YAG transparent ceramic using divalent dopant etc) [14,15] and non-oxide ceramics (ZnS, AlN etc) [16,17]. Among them, transparent yttrium aluminum garnet heated vacuum furnace under 10?6 Torr between 1540 °C~1780 °C for...<<more>>

Physical and Mechanical Properties of Porous Kaolin Based

Physical and Mechanical Properties of Porous Kaolin Based Ceramics at Different Sintering Temperatures David O. Obada a, Ψ , David Dodoo-Arhin b , Muhammad Dauda c , Fatai O. Anafi d , Abdulkarim S. Ahmed e ,...<<more>>

bench top vacuum and atmosphere tube furnace

STA Universe (16799749)- China Molybdenum powder. Bench-top Compact Vacuum and Atmosphere Tube Furnace Zirconia thermocouple protection tube SG type SiC heating elements SGR type SiC heating elements ...<<more>>

New TiC/Co CrFeNi Ti Cermet with Slow TiC Coarsening

ceramic reinforcements, and overall densi?cation performed under vacuum at 1250 C for 1 h and vacuum sintering was then carried out at 1380 C, 1400 C, 1420 C, and 1450 C for 1 h, respectively. After sintering, the specimens were furnace-cooled to room temperature. Calibration of the sintering temperature was made to ensure that all sintering...<<more>>

Comparative Study on Conventional Sintering with Microwave

MayurShukla,SumanaGhosh,NandadulalDandapat,Ashis K.Mandal,Vamsi K.Balla, (2016) Comparative Study on Conventional Sintering with Microwave Sintering and Vacuum Sintering of Y 2 O 3-Al 2 O 3-ZrO 2 Ceramics....<<more>>

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Oxide Ceramic Matrix Composites – Manufacturing, Machining

furnace parts to components in gas tur-bines. With increasing number of items monolithic ceramics as structural materials is often limited due to their brittle fracture behaviour. By reinforcing ceramics with cate, less expensive, and resistant to oxi-dation. O-CMC materials are developed since some decades, have been continuously ...<<more>>

Int. Journal of Refractory Metals & Hard Materials

materials were accomplished by using vacuum sintering at 1450 C. Nearly fully dense (W,Ti)C cemented The cold compacts were sintered in a vacuum furnace at 10 2 Heating cycle for the vacuum sintering process at 1450 C for (W,Ti)C–Co and (W,Ti)C–Ni cemented carbides....<<more>>


materials and sintering temperature were studied to explore the possibility of development of ZrP coatings to meet the demand for oxidation resistance at high temperature. It was attempted to improve the self-healing ability of coatings via an...<<more>>

Finite-difference model for the reaction sintering of

Finite-difference model for the reaction sintering of oxide ceramics by direct oxidation of intermetallic powder compacts The fabrication of advanced ceramic materials by reaction sintering techniques is an established ceramic processing...<<more>>

LF-ZKG1512 Industrial Microwave Vacuum Tube Furnace

LF-ZKG1512 Industrial Microwave Vacuum Tube Furnace is a new generation of experiment, 4.A variety of specifications,models of crucibles and special insulation for selection of non-polluting materials; LF-QS4516 dental zirconia Industrial Microwave Atmosphere Sintering Furnace of ceramics....<<more>>

Sintering - ThomasNet

Spark plasma sintering services for ceramic, metal and composite materials. Capabilities include component manufacturing, ion and cryogenic milling, scanning electron microscopy and research and development....<<more>>

Sintering Furnaces - CM Furnaces Inc

Sintering Furnaces by CM Furnace High-temperature sintering furnaces are used in a number of processes and industries. CM Furnaces provides both production furnaces and batch furnaces that accomodate a wide variety of processes, temperatures, and atmosphere’s....<<more>>

The sintering behavior of ultrafine alumina particles

The sintering behavior of ultrafine alumina particles John E. Bonevicha) Ultrafine particles (UFPs) of aluminum oxide were prepared by an arc discharge, sintered in a custom-built ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) furnace system, and characterized in a high resolution electron microscope (HREM) operating under UHV conditions. materials; i.e., the ...<<more>>

Sintering |

For the sintering of technical ceramics our HT furnaces for air, protective gas and vacuum operation are used. For “black ceramic” and hard metal you can use, besides our graphite heated HT versions up to 2300 °C, also our customer-specific solutions of our graphite heated GHV-furnaces up to 3000 °C....