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Furnaces (Ashing and Muffle Ovens) | VWR

Ashing and muffle ovens accurately heat to the selected temperature quickly improving energy efficiency and process times. The digital temperature controls ensure precise furnace heating level. With strong insulated construction, heat is distributed evenly while allowing exterior to stay cool....<<more>>

Ashing Furnaces at Thomas Scientific

…The furnace thus combines a very good temperature uniformity with excellent protection of the heating elements from aggressive atmospheres. Another aspect is the smooth, nearly particle free muffle (furnace door made of fiber insulation), an important quality feature for some ashing processes.…...<<more>>

Laboratory Ashing Furnaces - Carbolite Gero

Ashing Furnaces One of the most common applications for laboratory chamber furnaces is to heat combustible samples in order to analyse the resulting ash residue. As there is no single solution for all requirements, Carbolite Gero offers a range of ashing furnaces with characteristics tailored to ashing and burn-off applications....<<more>>

Microwave ashing muffle furnace microwave oven

Microwave Ashing Systems and Muffle Furnaces - PYRO and PYRO . PYRO line of Microwave Ashing Systems offers high sample throughput, shortest ashing times and comfortable working conditions in the laboratory....<<more>>

Advanced Muffle Furnace for Microwave Ashing - Milestone Inc.

The special microwave-transparent ceramic muffle furnace is an outstanding insulator, minimizing heat loss and transfer to the surrounding area. The ambient temperature of a laboratory will be unaffected, even when the unit is running at its highest temperatures....<<more>>

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Drying oven Induction Melting furnace Uses of Chamber heating muffle furnace f Model:PT-1200M. laboratory Ashing furnace. Model:PT-1200M....<<more>>

Benchtop Muffle Furnace, Laboratory Muffle Furnaces, Coil

These muffle furnaces use open coil heating elements on both sides of the heating chamber to allow fast heating with minimal temperature gradient. This energy efficiency is enhanced through the use of high thermal-efficient ceramic insulation surrounding the chamber....<<more>>

Electric vacuum oven muffle furnace

Laboratory Lab Furnaces, Inert Gas, Muffle, Tube Furnaces . A vacuum tube furnace is a type of furnace that can heat materials, typically metals, to very high temperatures and carry out processes such as brazing, sintering and heat treatment with high consistency and low contamination....<<more>>

Thermolyne? Atmosphere Controlled Ashing Furnaces

Related applications: Lab Ovens Furnaces Achieve consistent temperature control with the Thermo Scientific? Thermolyne? Atmosphere Controlled Ashing Furnace, which reaches 975°C with the standard stainless-steel manifold and 1093°C with the optional inconel manifold....<<more>>

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Verder Scientific - Science For Solids Our key profession is designing, and manufacturing different types of furnace and kiln , products include muffle furnace, tube furnace, vacuum furnace, atmosphere furnace, dental furnace, hot press furnace, CVD system, and etc....