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Electrotherm is a leading designer and manufacturer of Induction Melting Furnaces, Electric Arc Furnaces, Metal Refining converters (AOD), Electrotherm Refining Furnaces & High Speed Continuous Casting Machine. We have installed around 3030+ furnaces in India & Abroad....<<more>>

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The induction furnace structure: Only utilize the induction furnaces that are built for the purpose of melting iron and steel. These furnaces have heavy, structural parts that can withstand high temperatures and pressures....<<more>>

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Melting with induction provides reliable, repeatable, non-contact, safe and energy-efficient heat in the least amount of time. These advantages can be effectively utilized in the metal melting process. Melting metal in a crucible induction furnace with our systems can increase your production efficiency....<<more>>

Melting & Holding Steel Frame Induction Furnaces | AMELT

The steel melting induction furnace system is utilized for melting and holding ferrous and non-ferrous metals including copper, aluminum, steel, iron, stainless steel, gold and more. It also has a melting capacity of 1 t/h to 25 t/h....<<more>>

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Induction melting is a process in which an induction furnace is used to heat a metal to its melting point. The metal to be melted is placed in a crucible. Examples of Induction Melting of Metal...<<more>>

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The Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace is composed of furnace body, tilting controller, water cooled cable, capacitor, medium frequency, water cooling plant. We supply medium frequency induction melting furnace designing, manufacturing, installation, and commission of the equipment with "turn-key" service....<<more>>

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We are prominent manufacturer of all kind of furnace like Induction melting furnace, brass melting furnace,copper melting furnace,steel melting furnace,aluminum melting furnace and precision melting furnace as client needs as well as manufacturing customized design....<<more>>

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Hardin HD-2343SS - Stainless Steel Tabletop Melting Furnace with 3kg Crucible 110 Volt. by Hardin. $446.99 (1 new offer) 15KW High Frequency Induction Heater Furnace designed for the gold 15KW 30-80 KHz High Frequency Induction Furnace Gold Silver Copper Induction Heater LH-15A. by MXBAOHENG....<<more>>

Steelmaking in Induction Furnace | ispatguru

Induction furnace is a type of electric melting furnace which uses electric current to melt metal. The principle of induction melting is that a high voltage electrical source from a primary coil induces a low voltage, high current in the metal (secondary coil)....<<more>>

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measured, the percentage of productivity improvement in steel melting Induction Furnace can be calculated.The review is carried out from the literature in the various journals and manuals. Keywords- Induction Furnace, molten metal , productivity, Melt rate...<<more>>

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The steel frame induction furnace system is utilized for melting and holding ferrous and non-ferrous metals and has a melting capacity of 1 t/h to 30 t/h. Power range is from 250kw to 30000kw. Power range is from 250kw to 30000kw....<<more>>

Medium-frequency induction furnaces | OTTO JUNKER

Designed for melting, holding and pouring any type of metal, these high-performance systems embody state-of-the-art engineering to deliver high power densities up to 1,000 kW/t cast iron or steel, user-friendly operation, and powerful process automation capabilities - backed by specific features that are tailored to the customer's individual needs and supplemented, where requested, by any of a ...<<more>>

Induction Melting Applications and Furnace Technology

Induction Melting Applications and Furnace Technology Pillar’s Induction Melting Division has a long history of supplying induction melting systems for a variety of applications throughout the foundry industry....<<more>>

Power Cube Box Induction Melting Furnace

Induction Technology Corp. designed and manufactured, floor mounted hydraulic or hoist tilted box type furnace ideal for melting larger quantity of metals....<<more>>

ABP Induction: Melting

ABP’s IFM furnace system is a high performance induction melting furnace designed for the most demanding foundries of the world. IFM furnaces are renowned for fast melting times, high reliability, safety and ease of maintenance....<<more>>

Vacuum Induction Melting - ASM International

A VIM furnace is simply a melting crucible inside a steel shell that is connected to a high-speed vacuum system (Fig. 1). The heart of Fig. 3 Schematic of a top-opening, double-chamber vacuum induction melting furnace Table 1 Typical refractories used to line vacuum induction melting crucibles...<<more>>

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Induction heating is a smart and proven way of melting metal and glass. EFD Induction has developed solutions within a variety of areas such as precious metals, tilting furnace melting, investment casting and lab applications....<<more>>

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Steel Frame Induction Furnace ET Steel frame melting furnaces are available in capacities ranging from 500 Kg to 60 Tons. These furnaces are ruggedly built with heavy structural steel for trouble free operation under harsh melt shop conditions....<<more>>

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Induction melting,smelting furnace is used to melt copper,iron steel,brozen,Al,gold,silver and many metal material....<<more>>

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vacuum induction melting furnace is widely used in scientific research and producing,departments for nickel base and its special steel, precision alloy, NdFeB. Vacuum Furnace - Vacuum Induction Melting Manufacturer from...<<more>>

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Manufacturer of induction furnaces for foundries & melt shops including heavy steel shell furnaces for large foundries, medium-sized induction & smaller induction furnaces for investment casting, specialty foundries & the precious metals industry....