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Heat treating is a thermal process used to alter the physical properties of metals. By changing the rate of heating or cooling, normally to extreme temperatures, to achieve a desired result such as hardening or softening of a material....<<more>>

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tool steel heat treatment furnace tools industry heat treatment furnace. Tool steel, high speed steel, advanced ceramics and other heat treatment furnaces and industrial furnaces, hardening, tempering, annealing....<<more>>

Industrial furnace for steel hardening, tempering

Industrial furnaces. Koyo produces various industrial furnaces for the thermal treatment of steel, for hardening, bright carburizing, quenching, annealing, tempering, for brazing, for debindering and sintering of ceramics.Koyo offers also gas generators for endothermic and exothermic gas, ammonia crackers and part washing machines. In many cases, Koyo's own Moldatherm ? heating elements are used....<<more>>

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About Heat Treating & Heat Treat Furnaces. Heat treating (or heat treatment) broadly refers to a group of thermal processes in industrial and metalworking applications used to intentionally alter the physical, and sometimes chemical, properties of a material (usually a metal)....<<more>>

Industrial Heat Treatment, High Temperature furnaces

Vacuum applications include vacuum annealing, vacuum brazing, vacuum hardening, vacuum stress relieving and vacuum tempering. Induction melting applications like aluminium melting, coppper melting, steel melting, gold melting, silver melting, iron melting and other metals melting....<<more>>

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The Vacuum Furnaces manufactured by Lakshmi Vacuum Technologies match all the international ASTM standards and are capable of achieving the Vacuum Heat Treatment requirements as per NADCAP, GM, Ford standards....<<more>>

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Aichelin Heat Treatment Systems is a manufacturer of industrial furnaces, electric furnaces, heat treating furnaces, conveyor furnaces, gas fired furnaces, sintering furnaces and induction furnaces. We are a provider of quality, cost-effective furnaces to meet all your needs....<<more>>

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With our extensive range of processes, and with over 60 furnaces for vacuum heat treating & brazing services, ranging from lab-size research and development furnaces to the largest commercial vacuum furnace (48 feet long, 150,000 pound capacity), you will realize innovative and efficient solutions....<<more>>

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The Solar Manufacturing Model HFL-3648-LT is a batch type, horizontal front loading vacuum gas nitriding furnace with electrical resistance heating elements and gas quenching capabilities designed for commercial and captive heat treating shops....<<more>>

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Vacuum Heat Treatment Vacuum Technology is the Basis for Process Innovation in Heat Treatment. Heat Treatment is the process in which metallic/steel parts are exposed completely or partially to time-temperature sequences in order to change the mechanical and/or corrosion properties....<<more>>

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Manufacturers of heat treating and brazing vacuum furnaces and controls, complete hot zone and vacuum furnace retrofits, thermal spray coatings, plasma, HVOF and paint coating services....<<more>>

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SECO/WARWICK is a world-class manufacturer of heat treating furnaces, including aluminum furnace systems, vacuum furnaces, controlled-atmosphere brazing furnaces, aluminum solution heat treat furnace systems, melting furnace systems and thermal process furnace systems....<<more>>

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Find great deals on eBay for Heat Treat Furnace in Metalworking Tooling Equipment. Shop with confidence. Find great deals on eBay for Heat Treat Furnace in Metalworking Tooling Equipment. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content. eBay: Shop by category. Shop by category Designed for those who desire a hardening furnace, a quench tank plus ...<<more>>

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Furnaces, Ovens & Baths, Inc. provides high quality used heat treating furnaces, ovens, induction heating, shot blast, industrial parts washers, dust collectors and metallurgical testing equipment. We have been buying and selling used equipment for more than 30 years....<<more>>

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For more complex alloys, vacuum furnaces are often the best option for heat treating and brazing. As their name suggests, vacuum furnaces evacuate all atmosphere in order to prevent unwanted chemical reactions from occurring during the heat treating or brazing process and to allow metallurgists to design in-depth thermal processes for complex alloys....<<more>>

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Heat Treating Industry, Processes and Equipment Presentation Content Electric Atmosphere Furnace Vacuum Furnace Induction Equipment. Types of Heat Treating Furnaces 100 4560 Induction Box Carbottom Bell, Hood, tipup 100 60 150 ? Heat treating furnaces can beBatch type or continuous...<<more>>

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COOLDO Box heat treatment furnace is a flexible single chamber furnace designed for meet many processing requirements. The Box Furnaces are used for normalizing, annealing, quenching, tempering, hardening and other high temperature thermal processes for carbon steel, alloy steel, high-speed steel and other metal parts with different heating ...<<more>>

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Quality Vacuum Heat Treating, Brazing, Carburizing, and Nitriding...<<more>>

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Vacuum Heat Treating. We offer heat treatment services for tool steel hardening. The proper heat treatment of tool steel is one of the most important parts of tool manufacture and is very important to the tool industry. The hardening and quenching of tool steel can be performed in our facilities using our industrial furnaces....<<more>>

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The SST 3130 is a vacuum and pressure furnace that provides precise automatic control of heating to that speak for a standard industrial furnace. HICON? heat treatment facilities for hardening and tempering strip EBNER's innovative and future-safe developments in continuous hardening and tempering technology are recognized worldwide ...<<more>>

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We are offering heat treatment furnace. our company is engaged in offering a comprehensive range of heat treatment furnaces, which includes batch type furnace for foundry, automobiles and engineering industry, continuous type furnace for automobiles and engineering industry, sintering furnaces, hardening furnace and tempering furnace....