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TEMPERATURE: up to 2950°C [Ultra High Temperatures are application specific]. HOT ZONE MATERIALS: Nickel, Inconel, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Tantalum, Graphite HEAT ELEMENT CONSTRUCTION: Perforated Sheet Panel, Mesh, Welded-Woven-Wire,...<<more>>

High Purity Molybdenum Bar For Electrode Processing - Buy

Application. Molybdenum bar for heating elements and radiation shields and working racks for LED ,Sapphire growing furnace,Electrodes for glass fiber, Insulation panels in high-temperature furnace....<<more>>

99.95% High Purity Molybdenum Washer

All our molybdenum parts possess good properties of high purity, high density, high temperature resistance as well as stable internal structure. We also produce molybdenum parts for industrial furnace according to customers requirements....<<more>>

Molybdenum in High Temperature Applications and Furnaces

The corporate division PLANSEE High Performance Materials is an expert for components manufactured from molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, niobium and chromium. Alloys and composite materials from PLANSEE come into their own in electronics, coating technology or high-temperature furnaces - wherever traditional materials are stretched beyond their ...<<more>>

Furnace Components - Molybdenum and Tungsten Products

Furnace Components Elmet is a global leader in providing molybdenum and tungsten materials, machined components, fabrications, and assemblies to the high temperature furnace industry including metal injection molding furnaces, crystal growth furnaces, HIP furnaces, and other types of furnaces....<<more>>

99.95% Pure Tungsten Crucibles For Sapphire Growing Furnace

Hot Sale molybdenumrod% Pure Tungsten Crucible For Sapphire Crystal High Quality molybdenumrod% Pure Polished Molybdenum Crucibles China Tungsten Crucible Growing Furnace - China Polished molybdenumrod% High Purity Ground Molybdenum Bar For Sapphire Growing molybdenumrod% pure molybdenum crucibles for sapphire ...<<more>>

Tungsten Electrode for TIG Welding,Hotzone Parts in Sapphire

Tungsten Heater. Tungsten heater, made of tungsten wire, is the heat source of sapphire crystal growth furnace. With high melting point and high corrosion resistance, it plays a crucial role to sapphire crystal quality control, energy saving and product service life....<<more>>

Metal Crystals Molybdenum, Metal Crystals Molybdenum

2.Size: Provide all kinds of Molybdenum crucible according to customers' drawing and machine to reach high precision. 4.Characteristics: High temperature resistance,low pollution,high strengh,high melting point. 2)Our technical staff involved in the entire production process to ensure high product quality....<<more>>

high quality purity oxygen-free copper crucible for remelting

99.95 percent high purity mo1 ground molybdenum bar for vacuum devices the new annealing furnace the best energy saving convenient installation steel sheel gold melting furn...<<more>>

1700°C High Temperature Inert Gas Atmosphere Box Furnace

The furnace consists of high-quality alumina fiber bricks and Molybdenum alloy heating elements with an 8"x 8"x8" heating chamber. A vacuum-sealed steel chamber with water cooling jacket as well as the vacuum & gas flow control system enables material processing under inert gas atmosphere....