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Hydrogen Tube Furnace up to 1600 °C - Carbolite Gero

The Hydrogen tube furnace system is based on the popular HTRH 16/100/600 system. The furnace is designed to meet all required regulations for the safe handling of Hydrogen gas. In principle, every tube furnace can be modified to safely work with Hydrogen....<<more>>

Sintering Furnaces - CM Furnaces Inc

Sintering Furnaces by CM Furnace. High-temperature sintering furnaces are used in a number of processes and industries. CM Furnaces provides both production furnaces and batch furnaces that accomodate a wide variety of processes, temperatures, and atmosphere’s....<<more>>

LSP-Series Split Tube Furnaces for Temperatures up to 1700°C

LSP-Series Split Tube Furnaces for Temperatures up to 1700°C (3092°F) Home / Materials Testing Furnaces and Ovens / LSP-Series Split Tube Furnaces for Temperatures up to 1700°C (3092°F) Return to Previous Page...<<more>>

Furnaces Up To 1600°C - Industrial Furnace Manufacturers

High temp chamber furnaces up to 1600°c are equipped with roof mounted silicon carbide elements, evenly distributed down the chamber....<<more>>

Lab Furnaces - CM Furnaces Inc

Lab furnaces by CM Furnaces feature temperatures up to 1800°C and sealed designs that support atmosphere control necessary for advanced processes including heat treating, sintering, annealing, glass or ceramic firing, calcining, and most reductive and reactive processes.Many standard box chamber sizes from 48 to 4096 cubic inches with larger ...<<more>>

Tube furnace for horizontal operation up to 1800°C - HTRH

The Carbolite Gero high temperature tube furnaces HTRH can be used horizontally up to 1800 °C. The high-grade insulation materials guarantee low energy consumption and high heating rates due to their low thermal conductivity. The insulation and molybdenum disilicide (MoSi 2)...<<more>>

Vertical Tube Furnace with SIC Heating Elements

The 1500°C and 1600°C tube furnace ranges utilise silicon carbide heating elements arranged in a heated chamber surrounding the work tube, and provide even heating of the tube surface for maximum temperature uniformity....<<more>>

1600°C Horizontal Flash Sintering Furnace with 3KW

GSL-1600X-FS3KW is a horizontal tube furnace with 3KW programmable AC power source designed for exploring the flash- sintering for ceramic materials at a lower cost. The tube furnace comes with 80mm OD alumina tube and a sliding sample fixture , which can preheat sample up to 1600oC....<<more>>

Furnaces for Above 1600°C | ML Furnaces

Very high temperature Tube furnaces 1700°C. ST17 & 18 RANGE * 4 standard sizes * Alternative sizes and temperatures up to 1800oC. made to order * Microprocessor twin digital display control * Multi-bore and Multi-zone versions available * Fast heating Molybdenum disilicide heating elements * Digital over-temperature protection * Options and accessories available * Low thermal mass insulation ...<<more>>

All Vacuum Furnaces by Centorr Vacuum Industries

Graphite Tube Furnace Annealing, Carbon Fiber Processing, Ceramic Firing, Heat Treating, Homogenization, Melting, Sintering, Wetting Studies Up to 2750°C (4982°F)...