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Vacuum Melting Furnace


Main USES: The main features of the melting furnace are: lightweight equipment, fast heating speed, high efficiency.

Payment Terms : L/C,T/T,

Features of melting furnace:
(1) simple operation and reliable smelting operation
(2) uniform metal composition and material control
(3) small size, light weight, high efficiency and low power consumption
(4) low temperature, no smoke and dust around the furnace, and good working environment
(5) the pulse transformer is filled and sealed, completely isolated from the outside, with high voltage resistance and low fault.
(6) large control cabinet structure, good ventilation and heat dissipation effect inside the cabinet.
(7) rapid melting temperature rise, easy control of furnace temperature and high production efficiency
(8) high utilization rate of furnace and convenient variety replacement
(9) the furnace body can be electrically dumped, which is convenient for coming out and is especially suitable for casting.
(10) the control cabinet adopts full digital circuit control, with low fault rate and convenient adjustment.
(11) the plug-in on the control board adopts gold-plated parts, which have firm contact and long service life.
(12) the connector of the control board adopts removable plug-ins, so it is very convenient to replace the control board.
(13) it is protected by overcurrent, overpressure and water shortage, with double closed loop intercepting and pressure cutting.
(14) all power devices are kept at least twice the desired amount to ensure the long-term stability of the equipment.
(15) the circuit breaker with China's well-known trademark products can immediately and effectively disconnect the external circuit when the equipment or electrical fault occurs.

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